Re: I18n comment: bidirectional ordering

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 wrote:
>> It may be useful to provide an example to clarify the bidirectional 
>> ordering point. We could probably do that for you, if needed.
> The working group discussed this issue.
> If you can provide an example of where the start of the line is not on the 
> end of the line with real hebrew we would be glad to put it in the spec.

Here is a right-to-left example in the wild, from

In this plain-text mail it will not appear correctly, since it needs 
<dir="rtl"> :

CSS היא שפה פשוטה מאוד, וכל אדם יכול ללמוד אותה.

(Translation: CSS is a very simple language, and anybody can learn it)

And a left-to-right example, slightly recast from

אלף-בית (alef-bet) is the Hebrew word for "alphabet".

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