[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2006-04-25

Hi all,

My apologies especially to Vijay and Karunesh for the wrong time in the
call announcement. It should have been *1400* UTC, not 1500 UTC.

I did not scribe everything at yesterday's call, here is a summary.

Present: Felix, Francois, Mary (arrived later)

- action items:
[PENDING] ACTION: Felix to find out where the tests from Martin are
located [recorded in
We know the location of the test, but Martin did not approve to make
them public yet.
[PENDING] ACTION: Francois to build a current issues list on charmod norm
[recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/04/11-i18ncore-minutes.html#action07]
[PENDING] ACTION: Mary will make the updates discussed in Mandelieu on
ws i18n [recorded in

- Review topic:
(member only link)
We decided to have a look at this, but time is pressing, since it will
be discussed at the next UTC meeting (May 16-19).

- Charmod IRI / charmod norm progress
Francois will take some offline actions on this.

- Comments on LTLI from Anne van Kesteren and Martin, see
Felix will integrate the changes proposed by Martin (based on Anne's input)

During the call we discussed the LTLI draft: Mary said she did not like
the time zone example. E.g. in Java, time zone information is separated
from locale. Francois said this is one of the grey areas (is it part of
a locale or not?). Mary will send in a comment on the draft and propose
a different example.

- MWBP review, see the mails starting at
, going until
Since the MWBP working group published a new last call working draft,
there is no need for us to go back with every comment saying "we agree
with your resolution". We decided to push back on at least on issue:
[[Please mention that if in the content there is a link to something which
is not in the same language, it would be good to make it explicit.]]
see mail
Felix will write a mail to the i18n core public list, including this
issue and others. If nobody disagrees until next meeting, he will send
in the comments to the MWBP people.

- XMLHTTPRequest review, see
Felix will have a look and see if there is s.t. to do. Francois already
looked at it and found nothing i18n relevant.

Regards, Felix

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