RE: Update: LTLI Working Draft

At 01:00 05/11/02, Addison Phillips wrote:

 >4. Section 1.2 "Out of Scope". Actually, I think that this document (or
 >some document produced by this WG as part of this effort) should directly
 >deal with guidelines for choosing language tags as well as for choosing and
 >implementing matching schemes. The distinction between language negotiation
 >and locale negotiation is an important one, but language-based processing
 >is an extant problem poorly understood by most implementers. It is my hope
 >that this document can help clarify that.

One thing I remember from the last time I have read the 'matching' draft
is that I thought there isn't enough guidance for users (e.g. other IETF
WGs,...) about which matching scheme to choose. I can very well immagine
some IETF WG reading the 'matching' document and be rather confused about
what which one to choose. So to the extent possible, I'd prefer that as
much as possible about 'choosing matching schemes' goes into the IETF

[If the situation in the matching draft has changed, that would be good.
I'll of course make that comment on the LTRU list as soon as possible.]

Regards,   Martin. 

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