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Re: Thoughts on ruby

From: KangHao Lu (Kenny) <kennyluck@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 01:25:39 +0900
Message-Id: <D9A17DA0-AC60-41AA-AEA6-B483406808AB@w3.org>
To: public-i18n-cjk@w3.org

> [5] A number of people have suggested that implementations should  
> activate
> different behaviour when they find bopomofo characters being used as  
> ruby
> text, either by examining the characters or by looking at the  
> language. I
> disagree, since I've seen examples of ruby where the author wanted the
> bopomofo to appear over the base text, like Japanese furigana,  
> rather than
> in the typical location. I think users need the power to make that  
> choice,
> and that's why we need a bopomofo property value in CSS3.

As a Taiwanese I have to say I've never seen bopomofo appear over the  
base text. Maybe I have not lived long enough as a Taiwanese :)

I suppose Japanese would never use 'ruby-position: bopomofo' and  
Bopomofo Ruby would almost never use 'ruby-position: before'. I am new  
to CSS, but should we not leave this as implementation detail? If I  
understand this correctly, the first priority is to define 'display:  
ruby' unambiguously (box-model, etc.), am I right? I think maybe we  
should define the model in a way that the direction is arbitrary and  
hence relying on implementation detail. And maybe it will cover the  
case for nesting ruby then everybody's happy... Please correct me if I  
am wrong anywhere.

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