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== [questions/qa-when-lang-neg]  Possible typos ==

> Suppose Sylvia visits www.example.be and gets Flemish (situation 2 or 3). She then clicks on the German control and reads on, no real trouble. But she then clicks on a link to get to an interesting page within the site. Oops, Flemish again! Fortunately, the German control is still there, but after a couple of such detours she's getting understandably frustrated. Can't www.example.be just remember that she can't read Flemish? What is needed here is some *stickyness* of the explicit language selection.

"stickyness" should probably be "stickiness".

> Note however than some measure of cultural adaptation (e.g. changing the currency) does not necessarily make pages non-equivalent

"Note however than" should probably be "Note however that".

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