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== [questions/qa-personal-names]  more on titles? ==
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I really, really liked this piece. It captures a lot of the problems I've encountered. Thank you for writing it.

If you think it's a good idea, I would consider adding some more on titles, and the lack thereof. I'm Swedish, and living abroad (Australia and Germany) I actually find it very frustrating to be forced to use titles such as Ms., Frau etc constantly. Where I'm from we don't use titles at all. Why does the bus company need to know if I'm married? Or why do I need to use "Ms." to explicitly tell them that I don't want them to know my marital status? Surely if I want the title field to be blank that should be okay?

It seems like the solution is a freeform text box. Even in very extensive dropdown menus it is impossible to include all possible types of titles the world over. But as you say in the piece, the first question should be: **do I really need this information?**

Something that ironically isn't often asked but is more relevant for many UI systems is pronouns. Whether you want "See her details" etc. If this is what they are hoping the titles question will get them, why not ask that directly?

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