Re: [alreq] Hijri calendar abbreviation for Urdu (#229)

+1 to @jfkthame's comment. And btw the spelling of the word ہجری in Urdu is different from the Arabic wherever i've seen it, since it uses ہ U+06C1 ARABIC LETTER HEH GOAL at the start, rather than ه U+0647 ARABIC LETTER HEH.

It was actually because  ہ U+06C1 ARABIC LETTER HEH GOAL is different from ھ U+06BE ARABIC LETTER HEH DOACHASHMEE that i wanted to double check my understanding. In the past those two characters were used interchangeably, whereas now the latter is generally reserved for aspirated plosives.  But, like @jfkthame, everywhere i have seen the hijri date abbreviation so far, including in Wikipedia text, it actually looks like doachashmee and in electronic data uses that code point.

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