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== Hijri calendar abbreviation for Urdu ==
The Unicode Standard says:

> These  connecting  forms  commonly  occur  in  some  abbreviations  such  as  the  marker  for _hijri_ dates, which consists of an initial form of _heh_: 

The glyph at the end isn't based on a Unicode code point, but looks like an initial form of <span class="codepoint" translate="no"><span lang="ar" dir="rtl">&#x0647;</span> [<span class="uname">U+0647 ARABIC LETTER HEH</span>]</span> (with a ZWJ or tatweel to apply the initial form), which makes sense in Arabic, since it represents the word ہجری.

However, ARABIC LETTER HEH isn't used in Urdu, and what examples i've seen of hijri dates appear to use <span class="codepoint" translate="no"><span lang="ur" dir="rtl">&#x06BE;</span> [<span class="uname">U+06BE ARABIC LETTER HEH DOACHASHMEE</span>]</span> instead.  See [some examples](https://github.com/w3c/type-samples/issues/95).

So i have 2 questions:

1. Is the abbreviation for hijri dates indeed HEH DOACHASHMEE in Urdu?
2. Is a ZWJ necessary, since the glyph for the isolated form looks pretty much the same at the initial for for that letter?

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