Re: [alreq] Change the title to reflect that this is Arabic script, not Arabic Language

Hi @shervinafshar, this arose while i was describing the work to the 
W3C strategy specialists at our FTF last week. They were all surprised
 when i talked about Persian, since they took 'Arabic' in the current 
title to refer to the Arabic language.  They asked that we change it, 
so that the scope is clearer from the title.

I hear your point about the difference between writing systems and 
scripts.  I suggested 'Arabic Script Layout Requirements' mainly 
because it seemed simple, although i do agree with Behnam that it 
would probably convey the meaning well enough for situations such as 
the one above.

I'm worried that if we say 'Arabic Text Layout Requirements' that 
won't be any clearer in the Arabic case. (I think that for Japanese it
 _is_ pretty clear, and Indic too, because of the natures of those 
scripts/words.  Note also that we are already planning - since the end
 of last year - to make a similar change to the Chinese title of 
clreq, which previously as i understand it, used terminology related 
to language rather than script. We may also need to change the English
 title to something like Hanzi Text Layout, to more closely match the 
Chinese title.)

What would you suggest is the best title, given the ask above?

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Received on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:27:15 UTC