Re: [alreq] Change the title to reflect that this is Arabic script, not Arabic Language

Thanks, @r12a. It's more clear now why this surfaced. I don't think 
authors of such documents should or even could pack a complete and 
clear scope of the whole document in the title alone to prevent any 
surprises like this. The intention has always been that anyone 
encountering the document; a. is minimally aware of the context of 
writing systems of the world, b. is aware of the fact that W3C Layout 
Requirement documents are...well...about *text* layout; c. is eager to
 *at least* read the first line of the abstract section. 

I have received some impromptu criticisms from some folks in Iran 
mentioning that, the document indeed needs to be more clear about "خط 
فارسی" ("Farsi script", "Persian script"). My answer to them has 
always been that what is called "Farsi script" in Iran is a subset of 
a larger writing system which is Arabic Script. 

Some other way of thinking about this problem might be considering 
those pockets of Arabic writing system which are well-developed enough
 on their own and independent of the other languages of the family of 
Arabic writing system, so that they can have their own individual LReq
 document; then one can call those documents "Arabic Layout 
Requirements" and "Urdu Layout Requirements" without risking confusing
 folks. That might also help with recruiting local experts and 
focusing the efforts in a more selective manner.

In closing, if the editors and members of the activity think that we 
absolutely need to change the title, here are the suggestions which I 
consider meeting the minimum required criteria (in descending order of
* Arabic Writing System Layout Requirements
* Text Layout Requirements for Arabic Writing System
* Text Layout Requirements for **The** Arabic Script
* Arabic Script**s** Text Layout Requirements

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