Re: [whatwg] HTML6 proposal for single-page apps without Javascript

Bobby Mozumder <> writes:

>> On Mar 20, 2015, at 12:10 PM, Brian Kardell <> wrote:
>> A few things worth noting:  First, we've actually tried a bunch of
>> this before, and you're not using it now so I think we can say that at
>> some level it was unsuccessful.  
> Thanks for the feedback here. I just had a quick look at some of the
> past proposals (XForms, Microdata, & XSLT), and they all had clear
> usability & design issues to me.

XForms, Microdata and XSLT all do different things. Note that no widely
used browser supports XForms in its default configuration; while Chrome,
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera all support XSLT. Can you
explain the “clear usability & design issues” you have seen in XSLT?

If so, please do.

I suspect that many developers hate to be “forced” by language structure
to think about clean abstractions and rather write maintenance-intensive
spaghetti code. A friend of mine started learning how to make web pages
recently – she was annoyed by the amount of “just use jQuery” (instead
of CSS) that came up when she wanted to solve simple layout problems.

> For this, I focused on presenting the most obvious, usable solution,
> while trying to be very simple & intuitive to a web developer.  A
> usability test would be to see if people understand what I’m
> proposing.

I certainly did not. I would like to see an implementation of your
proposal and several demonstrations. Do you have something on hand?

> […]

> Already, though, for some reason this proposal went viral. Search
> Twitter for HTML6 to see what I mean. There are lots of discussions
> around it out there now, including blog posts and news articles.
> (It’s already big in Japan.)  Here’s an example blog post that
> discusses this proposal:
> With hundreds or thousands of shares, retweets, upvotes, etc..  it
> looks like a lot of people want a solution like this.  I don’t know
> how it happened but I believe this represents peoples wide
> dissatisfaction with having to use Javascript frameworks.

I agree in that buzz does not necessarily mean your proposal has merit.

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann

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