Screen Orientation API Spec phrasing confusion

In the last sentence of the 3.1 Current orientation[1] paragraph: It says:
"In both if the device is in landscape-primary and is rotated 90 degrees
clockwise, that should be represented as portrait-primary."

That last case/sentence cannot apply to *both* previous ones, that last case
is describing a 'landscape-primary' normal/default orientation. Therefore,
it only reflects "devices whose normal orientation is a landscape mode".

'In both' should be removed from the sentence, and it needs an additional
sentence with another case instead. Likely one that describe a counter
clockwise (-90 degree) case to differentiate both 90 from -90 rotations. As
it is phrased now, it's difficult to get a full understanding of left and
right rotations.

The MSDN doc is helpful in clarifying this:



Received on Saturday, 22 February 2014 03:33:26 UTC