Re: 4.13.1 Bread crumb navigation - use of right angle brackets

On 17 September 2013 19:58, Jens O. Meiert <> wrote:

> > > So far I agree with Mallory in that list markup would not be
> sufficient for
> > > breadcrumbs. That includes both single and nested lists.
> >
> > Please explain what is not sufficient about this?
> > Nested lists are terribly cumbersome when it comes to mark-up, it's far
> from
> > elegant, but it's semantically sound.
> That it’s terribly cumbersome when it comes to markup is exactly why
> list markup is not sufficient for breadcrumbs. The idea’s next of kin
> is using lists for sentences, as sentences are lists of words.

No i don't agree with that. We already have a very good element for
'words', which is <p>. I get the 'pun', but it's not helping the discussion
If you put links just in a <p> or (god forbid) <div>, then there's no
relation at all, it's just a non-sensical sentence consisting of words,
which (in my experience) makes no sense when a screen reader goes through

So a bad example would be:
<p><a href="/products">products</a>, <a
href="/products/dishwashers">dishwashers</a>, <a

In fact, these words are related to one another and are not part of a
sentence, rather they're individual links that have a relationship and/or

Just because mark-up is cumbersome, doesn't make it the best option.
However I agree that if we could come up with a more elegant solution, then
that would be even better.
And by elegant I mean the same semantical meaning, yet less mark-up.

> > > That’s the delimiter issue.
> >
> > Delimiters shouldn't be an issue,
> This was just to say that this part of my response was about the
> original point about delimiters (“greater than” &c.), and done. :)

Okay fair enough ;-)

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> Jens O. Meiert

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