Re: 4.13.1 Bread crumb navigation - use of right angle brackets

On 17/09/2013 14:46, Reinier Kaper wrote:
> I'd say the code should reflect what it "means". If you "mean" the
> breadcrumbs show the path in the structural tree of a website, then yes,
> use nested ol's.

Why? A path in a structural tree is linear, so I'm personally happy with 
seeing it as an ordered set of steps in a flat, rather than 
hierarchical, sequence.

> A breadcrumb per definition can't be like a recipe.

Where is this absolute definition you mention? This is the beauty of 
deep "semantics" discussions...there is no one true definition of many 
things. Authors will mark up content based on their own 
view/idioms/internalisations of what a piece of content is.

> Although there's some similarity between the two, a recipe is a series
> of steps in a process

Can't a breadcrumb trail be a series of steps in a process of getting 
from the homepage to the current page?

> Sorry for my rant, but it feels like 1994 all over again when the
> argument is made that most people don't use it right now and therefore
> shouldn't be in the spec. That's reversed thinking, let's go for the
> best possible result ;-)

That was not actually my argument. I don't care what's most used in the 
wild (though that's certainly a piece of info that needs to be taken 
into consideration)...but I do care about over-semanticising something 
for the sake of abstract purity when there is no tangible benefit.

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