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> On 12 September 2013 14:58, Anselm Hannemann <> wrote:
> Okay thanks for being patient with me and explaining why it isn't a good idea.
> I understand how the prefetching works and why it's essential for (amongst other things) speed.
> The tie-in between HTML and CSS still doesn't sound like a solution to me though. Although media queries might not be limited to CSS, it does make a dependency between mark-up and styling, which should be avoided.

No problem. The only problem I see currently is another: One need to write all the MQs by hand. Instead something like document / HTML-variables would be great. This is already discussed by the WHATWG and is no in

The problem you're talking about is already existent. You can already apply MQs on CSS links, on source elements (e.g. inside of video) etc.
As a matter of fact media queries aren't used for layout here but more as a switch for media types. Recently there has been much discussion that media-queries should be renamed as they definitely are not tied to layout only but are a tool to target specific media types including devices, displays or other criteria.


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