Re: is it necessary to disambiguate (using markup) inline notes,citations and original markup? [was] use of <mark> to denote notes in quoted text

Hi Jukka,

While I understand your argument, I think that in the majority of cases it
is neither practical nor necessary. And it is not something that should or
needs to be defined in the HTML spec. It is unfortunate that there is no
guidance for the quoting of online sources that covers this issue. I am
surprised there is not, as I would think these days the quoting/citing of
online sources is common place in academia.



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> 2013-09-10 9:53, Steve Fenton wrote:
>> I strongly disagree with the idea that the markup, typesetting, typeface
>> or paper colour must be preserved when quoting text.
> That's a strawman argument: the issue is whether markup is to be
> preserved, not paper color.
>    That is definitely not what is intended by the distortion clause, which
>> protects against edits that affect the meaning or against false context.
> Changing <b> to <strong> or vice versa affects, or may affect, the meaning.
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