RE: use of <mark> to denote notes in quoted text

Hi Steve, 

Being unfamiliar with the text being quoted, I am not sure of your usage here - it feels off from the current spec of <mark>, which I think of as the semantic equivalent of a text high-lighter. Your usage in the quote feels more like an <aside>. 

Or I'm completely off base - also entirety possible. 

Can you think of another example? 


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From: Steve Faulkner <> 
Date: 09/07/2013  12:18 PM  (GMT-08:00) 
Subject: use of <mark> to denote notes in quoted text 
I have  been mulling over use of <mark> to denote notes added to quoted text


 "That monster custom, who all sense doth eat
 Of habit's devil," <mark> not in Folio </mark>

 "What a falling off was there !
 From me, whose love was of that dignity
 That it went hand in hand even with the vow
 I made to her in marriage, and to decline
 Upon a wretch."



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