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Re: Status of application cache

From: Robin Berjon <robin@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 10:35:19 +0200
Message-ID: <519F2647.80309@w3.org>
To: Bob Lund <B.Lund@CableLabs.com>
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On 23/05/2013 18:33 , Bob Lund wrote:
> [1] 'Status of this Document' states that Application Cache is at risk
> and may be removed due to lack of implementations. Is this status
> current for Application Cache? [2] suggests otherwise and [3] seems to
> work on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Note that just because something is flagged at risk does not mean that 
it'll go. It is basically a way of marking that there is a problem with 
a given area, and we reserve the right to cull it before going to Rec. 
The exact nature of the problems may vary.

In this case I don't think that AppCache will go. It was flagged at risk 
because it is well-known that there are serious flaws with the design of 
the feature, even though it is interoperable. At the time of going to 
CR, we knew there was going to be a v2 under some form, but we didn't 
know how it would affect the existing feature, so we wanted to make sure 
that if ever the decision were reached to make breaking changes to it, 
we could remove it from this version.

A few months down the line it is looking like the v2 
(NavigationController) is actually largely orthogonal in its design 
(even though it defines the layer atop of which AppCache would operate) 
and so it seems highly unlikely that AppCache would go.

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