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RE: FORMAL COMPLAINT - RE: Cory Doctorow: What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM

From: Evain, Jean-Pierre <evain@ebu.ch>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 16:50:33 +0100
To: John Foliot <john@foliot.ca>, 'Andreas Kuckartz' <A.Kuckartz@ping.de>, 'HTML WG' <public-html@w3.org>
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This being said, I would say I have had to do with Cory Doctorow in the past when working on copy protection in DVB representing public broadcasters. It is always interesting to hear what he has to say (thank-you for the link Andreas).

I have spent a lot of my time on these matters in the past (no longer, which is good for my mental health) but I must say there is probably a lot of truth on what he says about the potentailly negative consequences.

By that time (in DVB, MPEG, DLNA, and may other places and consortia) the discussion was around systems that permanently connect to servers each time a user is attempting to use content. Some of the ideas in place are that each time you want to play content from a hard disk or PVR to a TV set, a connection is made to a server to verify if the devices are authorised to exchange content or check the licenses are up to date, etc. with always more interesting scenarios. In principle this is done to help interoperability but in practice?

Imagine what can be devised in a fully connected environment that may not be in line with the "holyginal" (sounds Japanese :--) intention..

I'll go back to my sleeping mode on these matters.

Regards, Jean-Pierre
From: John Foliot [john@foliot.ca]
Sent: 13 March 2013 16:29
To: 'Andreas Kuckartz'; 'HTML WG'
Cc: Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com; 'Maciej Stachowiak'; 'Sam Ruby'
Subject: FORMAL COMPLAINT - RE: Cory Doctorow: What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM

HTML Chairs,

I wish to lodge a Formal Complaint against Mr. Kuckartz's repeated attempts to introduce the "politics" of DRM into this technical mailing list. His views are well known and for the record not universally shared.

It has already been established that work on EME is within the scope of this Working Group. As well, the W3C has PUBLICLY stated that "W3C is not developing a new DRM system, nor are we embracing DRM as an organization." (http://www.w3.org/QA/2013/03/drm_and_the_open_web.html), and so his continued "beating of a dead horse" is a waste of my, your, and our time.

This list (public-html) is a Technical mailing list, and not a political soap box, and I am becoming increasingly frustrated that Mr. Kuckartz is allowed to continue to make these personal, non-technical postings and comments to this list that provide little in the way of technical comment to this Working Group.

I request that the chairs use whatever means available to them to dissuade Mr. Kuckartz from continuing this practice. Recently the W3C has established a Community Group where this line of discussion would be more appropriate (http://www.w3.org/community/restrictedmedia/), and so perhaps Mr. Kurckartz can take his personal view there, and allow this list to return to technical discussions.



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> From: Andreas Kuckartz [mailto:A.Kuckartz@ping.de]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 3:35 AM
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> Subject: Cory Doctorow: What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about
> FYI, an article published yesterday:
> What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM
> Adding DRM to the HTML standard will have far-reaching effects,
> incompatible with the W3C's most important policies
> Cory Doctorow, 12 March 2013
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2013/mar/12/tim-berners-lee-
> drm-cory-doctorow
> Cheers,
> Andreas
> BTW: Any further "off-list" attempts to intimidate myself regarding the
> effects of DRM on the open web will be made public and answered
> appropriately, which would include formal complaints.


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