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I've long wished to see a <subhead>, <intro> or <abstract> element in HTML.
It provides a short overview of the article, a teaser or similar content,
and almost invariably flows outside of columnar article content, and it
would seem an obvious source to use for hyperlink summaries, so I hope your
suggestion gains traction.

Re: hyperlinks, I tried floating an idea before  (before CR), but it was
too late in the process to get traction on it. I work heavily with data
systems that generate search results, and I've always been dissatisfied
with the <li> approach to showing individual search result entries.
Semantically, search results usually are different from other links in that
they have an underlying common query (and usually a common query control),
may be represented in tabular, list, gallery or similar aggregate formats,
are tied to and in many cases are also accompanied by a pager or other
mechanism for moving through content, and may be more optimally displayed
on different devices than simple lists would provide.

Has anyone made a proposal for something like this?

<search method="post" source="myPostURL/query">
        <input type="search" name="picturesearch"></input><input
        <pager pagesize="10" location="bottom"></pager>

If search content is generated server side, then pager would have a @page
attribute (and a page property), and there would be a sequence of
<searchitem> results that would be children of the search element. If
search content is client side, then completion of a search would populate
the searchitem list dynamically.

Kurt Cagle
W3C Invited Expert, XForms

Kurt Cagle
Invited Expert, XForms Working Group, W3C
Managing Editor,

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