Re: EPUB and XML [was: The non-polyglot elephant in the room]

Bill McCoy, Mon, 28 Jan 2013 07:04:27 -0800:

> But when EPUB 3 is widely deployed it's
> clear that the platform's native browser engine (e.g. UIWebView on
> iOS) will be widely used under the covers by reading systems - it is
> already is by Apple iBooks, Kobo, and VitalSource Bookshelf. That
> strategy has allowed e.g. iBooks to move much faster, e.g. at the same
> rate that WebKit's changed on iOS.

FWIW, the IBA format is XML: 

]] The output of iBooks Author is a proprietary Apple file format 
similar to the EPUB standard, but with extensions that prevent it from 
being universally readable or editable as an EPUB document.[10] The 
format uses undocumented, proprietary XML namespaces and undocumented 
extensions to CSS.[11] [[

leif halvard silli

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