Staged bugs & editorial fixes for HTML5.0, and staged WHATWG patches for HTML5.1

Hi all,

This week the following WHATWG patches up to and inc commit 7637 [1] have
been cherry-picked into the W3C HTML specifications. This takes us to
WHATWG patches up to 5th January 2012, i.e. we are up-to-date.

1. Staged for HTML5.0 CR

You can find the new patches staged for HTML5.0 CR at:
(patches of 5th - 7th January)

Apart from editorial (typos, missing links, unused definitions) fixes,
these close the following bugs:

*  (improve focus ring
* (set definition of
<b> to bolder)
* (explain why
Gregorian calendar is used)
* (Clarify how
language codes are passed on to other tools)
* (Update rt/rp
sections to match newer ruby section)

2. Cherry-picked into master for HTML5.1 FPWD

You can see the committed patches here:
(patches for 5th - 7th January)

If you see any patches there that should also be applied to HTML5.0 CR,
please register a bug.

If you see any patches that should be moved to an extension spec and you
have a good technical reason (e.g. a competing spec), please speak up.

The following new features have been introduced:
(with Ian's patch numbers in brackets)
* support image sprites in drawImage() (7577, 7589) (not yet applied to
Canvas spec)
* introduce canvas 2D context fillRule attribute (7635) (not yet applied to
Canvas spec)
* dialog auto-center (7580)
* add credit card type to autocomplete list (7582)
* more ruby examples  (7583, 7584, 7585)
* allow use of bitmap fonts (7587)
* clarify storage events for localStorage (7592)
* sortable tables new feature  (7597, 7598, 7599, 7600,7601)
* replace <command> with <menuitem> - need to update aria mappings &
possibly remove from HTML5 spec, see
* make “submit” event bubble (7609, 7610)

plus many more small feature improvements.

The following features have been removed:
* remove <command>, see
* remove partial paths from <input file> (7578)
* Drop media queries on <a> and <area> - don't seem to be used or
implemented (7618)
* remove e4x JavaScript with ECMAScript for XML support (7625)

The following bugs have been closed:
* (improve focus ring
* (<b> to mean: bolder)
* (explain why
Gregorian calendar is used)
* (provide example
with @seamless and inclusion for iframes)
* (Clarify how
language codes are passed on to other tools)
* (example with only
one <article> on page)
* (Update rt/rp
sections to match newer ruby section)
* (automatic sizing of
headings in <hgroup> if they follow <h1>)

These branches continue to be held back for extension specifications:

* feature/whatwg_srcset:;whatwg_srcset

* feature/whatwg_canvas_workers:;whatwg_canvas_workers

I am planning to merge the canvas workers branch into master next week. Let
me know if there are objections.

Best Regards,


Received on Monday, 7 January 2013 23:48:46 UTC