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Gideon-a test page would be very helpful. For IE bugs, we still take input from a public bug database using Connect (it aint glamorous, but we havn't deployed anything better yet...) and we would appreciate the bug. :)

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Subject: html5 video tag problems in browsers

For the last few months, I've been working with the html5 video tag for a website I've been creating, that sometimes uses html5 features such as text-tracks, and other times simulates the same functions for you-tube videos.
One thing I've found is that the two leading browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, both have problems implementing the html5 video tag.  I'll mention one case here.  I created an page, which has a table full of buttons.  When you click on a button, you start the html video (shown in the same page) at a particular point, and play it for maybe 7 seconds.  There is one button per row, and the top button plays the earliest clip, and the bottom button plays the latest clip (furthest into the video).  To prevent "post-backs" which might refresh the entire page including re-loading the video, I made the buttons into plain html buttons (not 'runat=server' buttons).
I find various bad behavior in IE.  If I click the bottom button, the video does seek to the correct place, and does play.  If I then click the top button, which means in a sense that the video has to rewind (and seek backwards), often nothing will happen at all.  I will have to click the top button several times before anything happens.
This does work in Google Chrome, but even there, I had to use a Kludge to get it to work.  There was a problem in that it would not play the segments for the full 7 seconds, and so I had to use code to emulate text-tracks (but which did not actually use text-tracks), but which monitored every 10th of a second until the entire segment was played.
Interestingly, the youtube version of all  this also had problems, and also needed kludges (of a different type) to work.
If anyone is interested, I can create a test-page for them to look at.
I did use chrome's feedback feature to complain to Chrome at one point, but it looks like Microsoft is not responding to any more feedback in IE, now that it is no longer in beta.
-- Gideon

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