request to publish main element extension specification as a FPWD

Hi all,

I am making a request to the Working Group to publish the main element HTML
extension specification as a FPWD.

Recent changes:

* After consideration of feedback I have changed the name of the element
from <maincontent> to <main>. The reasoning for the change:

Feedback indicates preference for a shorter one word element name.
Most commenter's proffered <main> as a name.
The element name <content> is already proposed for use in the shadow DOM
specification [1]
As the element maps onto the ARIA role=main it seems an appropriate name to

* Use agent guidance on the provision of a method to navigate the main
element has been clarified
* UA stylesheet advice has been added
* advice to HTML spec editors on removal of existing advice in the spec in
relation to the main content section.
* modified code examples to illustrate the use of the main element in
conjunction with a nav element containing in-page navigation links.
* added links to the rationale /use case document [2] and to new data
supporting the concept of a main element [3]


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Received on Monday, 22 October 2012 09:48:27 UTC