Re: Updates to Issue-201 Change Proposal per our conversation

Steve, Ted, Frank, Richard,

on 201, the Chairs are currently assuming that you will all come to a
conclusion by end of next week, ie agree on the change proposal. If
that's a false assumption, please let them know and ask for more time.


On Thu, 2012-07-26 at 15:43 +0100, Steve Faulkner wrote:
> Hi all,
> so in regards to the clarification i am seeking I found that the spec
> text is in one of the diffs: (thanks for adding the links to the diffs
> in the proposal)
>         If any of the following conditions are met, throw a +
>         <code>NotSupportedError</code> exception and abort these +
>         steps.
>         ...
>          The arguments object's control member is not  null but is
>         neither an a element that  represents a hyperlink, a  button
>         element, an input element whose  type attribute is in one of
>         the Checkbox or  Radio Button states,  nor an input element
>         that is a button.
> This strongly suggests to me that no ARIA custom control can be
> referenced by the control() method unless it is built on top of of one
> of the listed elements. And the vast majority of HTML elements cannot
> by referenced by control, including interactive elements such as
> <input type=text> or <input type=range> etc.
> regards
> SteveF

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