Re: Discussion on ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback

Regarding this issue and supporting this portion of the change proposal:

This following text is buried in this change proposal and absolutely needs
to go from addHitRegion processing:

"The arguments object's control member is not + null but is neither an a
element that + represents a hyperlink, a + button element, an input element
whose + type attribute is in one of + the Checkbox or + Radio Button
states, + nor an input element that is a button."

This states that no aria widgets are allowed and many other html5 elements
inlcuding control types such as text and range. The HTML5 specification is
designed to provide keyboard navigation within fallback content. All HTML5
elements support tabindex. This includes elements like <div> and <span>.
This step essentially removes essential features of HTML need to support an
accessible canvas solution. So, this line of text MUST go.

We have already implemented work keyboard enabled ARIA content in canvas
fallback content that drives screen readers and this restriction would
cause magnifiers to not work.

This text needs to be changed to:

"The arguments object's control member references an element with a valid


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	07/20/2012 01:27 PM
Subject:	Re: Discussion on ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback

Hi Paul,

You wrote:

      Richard and Steve are available in the window 11-3pm CDT (16:00-19:00
      UTC) on Tue Jul 24.  Can we arrange a meeting amongst the four of you
      in that window to make progress on the CPs for this issue?

Sure! I'm available in that window.


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