Re: ISSUE-194

Hi Maciej,

You wrote:

>> It seems to me that the two transcript attribute proposals are now
>> much closer than our original starting point. They are intended to
>> meet the same requirements and satisfy the same use cases, and have
>> pretty similar syntax and usage.


>> [N]either provides direct rationale for why its form of the
>> transcript attribute is different from the others. They focus more on
>> why transcript support is useful at all, and on comparing to
>> proposals no longer on the table.
>> I think it would improve both proposals if they gave rationale for
>> why their form of the transcript attribute is better than the other.

I will update the text of my proposal along such lines.

Silvia wrote:

> I've still got a TODO to improve the TranscriptURL proposal with some
> language that compares it to the IDREFs proposal with
> advantages/disadvantages. […] You can expect something before the end
> of the week.

I'll aim to have my updates done by the end of the week as well.


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