Re: Meta element to prevent resending post data

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> Sending arbitrary HTTP headers is trivial task for modern script languages like PHP, but unfortunately is not an option at all for some self-made CMS written in compiled language like Delphi that a company has _anyway_ no resources to rework in, say, next 10 years.

Seems like an edge case for a non-critical usability flaw that will
gradually disappear as both server and client software improves.

New features would take years to help your users, but you can probably
solve their problems with technologies available today.

At content generation time, you could insert a JS enhancement to post
the form with XMLHttpRequest, leaving users running your JS free to
reload the page at will. You'd need to insert a <script> element
rather than a <meta> element.

Alternatively, you could modify the response to the POST either with
the webserver behind which the CMS sits or with a proxy talking to
that webserver, for example using Apache's mod_ext_filter module:

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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