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Ah - I see. 

I think that reusing the canvas path concept in canvas is a more 'natural' way to define a region of interest on a canvas bitmap. An added bonus (useful when debugging) is that you can draw the path that you defined for setElementPath() quite easily with other canvas methods.

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On Fri, 27 Jan 2012 03:35:18 +0100, Frank Olivier <> wrote:

> Ages ago we had some discussions around using image maps for canvas. 
> For the record, I'm against this idea, as the HTML5 specification 
> already has the (sensible) requirement of mapping canvas UI elements 
> to elements in the DOM, and wiring up event/state synchronization 
> between a canvas image map and the underlying DOM elements seems like 
> even more work for the author.

Hmm. The rationale was the other way around. If you have an element in the DOM, and you can name it as part of a map, then the manipulation of where it is on the canvas is exactly what you need to specify the coordinates that identify what it corresponds to on the canvas.

This took the full HTML4.01 image map specification including things like putting shape/coords elements on block elements, and added a path syntax to clearly match what you can do on canvas (so your coordinates for canvas can be used directly in updating the coords attribute of your map element).

It seems that we are doing functionally the same thing, and frankly I don't care about the syntax, but I had thought it would be easier to build on the image map concept that people already know.



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