Re: proposal for ISSUE-191: replace ins and del elements by an attibute-based solution

Le 23/01/12 23:43, Sam Ruby a écrit :

> I think that if you read your change proposal, you will not find those
> words above.

I said:

    In the case of a content model not allowing these elements (think
    ol/ul in html for instance), using elements here require the use of
    the old mechanism of sgml inclusions.


    It is important to be able to declare the whole list item has been
    deleted - and became non-editable - instead of deleting its content
    and preserving the possibility to place a caret before or after the
    <del> but still inside the <li>.

And that summarizes pretty well the biggest issue with ins and del.

> I also think you need to go further. Describe the impact of this
> proposal (both positive and negative) on those who use the current
> element, browser vendors, and implementors of Wysiwyg editors.

I can do that but I think the paragraphs in my prose starting with
"The conceptual model..." and "This solution or a very..." do what
you want. They cover:

   - the change
   - the impact of the change from a model perspective
   - the impact on editing environments
   - the impact on browsing environments

>> That said, I am an implementor of a Wysiwyg editor called BlueGriffon
>> and I would like to understand why my voice on my expertise domain
>> appears to be less worth than another here.
> What is valued here is the ability to state clearly the rationale for a
> given change. Please do draw on your experience to produce such.

Ah. Ok.

>> Of course, we can also ask Microsoft to explain us the same thing.
>> Several people from that company explained me between 2000 and now they
>> implemented change tracking through attributes and not elements for the
>> reason outlined above.
> By all means, invite them to participate.

I already talked to Microsoft representatives about that during
TPAC. I got no formal answer and I think i would be a much more
significant thing to have the chairs of this WG ping Microsoft
to contribute here. One of the chairs is a Microsoft employee,
right ?


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