Re: proposal for ISSUE-191: replace ins and del elements by an attibute-based solution

Le 20/01/12 18:52, Sam Ruby a écrit :
> On 01/20/2012 12:01 PM, Glenn Adams wrote:
>> it would be nice to include a reference to a more fully elaborated
>> refutation of ins/del, rather than simply asserting "it is well known
>> ... since the end of the 80's"
> I agree with the above, and will also note that the Change Proposal
> doesn't include an assessment of the impacts of this change.
> The definition of what we expect from a Change Proposal can be found here:

I can try to gather such information but you have to understand the last
time this was discussed was during a corridor discussion with XHTML2 WG
probably eight years ago... I don't have voice recordings of corridor

That said, the URL above says "Describes the reason for the change". I
gave one: it's impossible to mark "deleted" or "inserted" an element
entirely if the content model of its parent element does not allow ins
and del. And deleting the contents is a different operation.

That said, I am an implementor of a Wysiwyg editor called BlueGriffon
and I would like to understand why my voice on my expertise domain
appears to be less worth than another here.
Of course, we can also ask Microsoft to explain us the same thing.
Several people from that company explained me between 2000 and now they
implemented change tracking through attributes and not elements for the
reason outlined above.


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