Re: HTML5 design philosophy disconnect

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 3:18 AM, Steve Faulkner <>wrote:
> One example (there are many more),
> The use of implicit labels is found in examples in the HTML5 spec,
> something that has been a documented feature of HTML since at least 24
> December 1999, yet at least one major browser has not implemented
> accessibility support for it yet. [1]

Just because something is in the spec doesn't mean all UAs get it right.
Each UA has its own priorities to fix bugs and add features. For the example
you pointed out, we seem to have a tracking bug:

So we have a method that has been promoted for 10 years and continues
> to be promoted which is broken, how is that useful for either users or
> developers?

If some UA doesn't support a particular feature and it's important for you,
then please contact the vendor. WebKit is open sourced and we welcome
almost anyone to file bugs. I'm sure other vendors would love to get
from users and authors as well.

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