autofocus on links is missing?

I may well have overlooked something, but this appears to be an inconsistency.

When a page is loaded, the focus may be directed to a form control
using the autofocus attribute. But this attribute isn't available on
regular links, and I can't find a way of doing it that doesn't rely on

The use case I have is for slide shows (i.e. a prepared navigation
path) but I suspect this also has accessibility implications.
I've set up a demo of the behaviour using script at:

If there isn't an approach I've missed, two alternatives seem apparent:
1. allow the autofocus attribute on <a> elements
2. add autofocus behaviour to tabindex

1. would seem preferable as 2. would impact existing documents.


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Received on Sunday, 19 February 2012 12:58:16 UTC