Re: Split Issue 30? (Now: ISSUE-204)

Silvia Pfeiffer, Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:13:51 +1100:
>> It seems contrived if AT would treat

 [ bad example deleted ]

> Did you mis-type? Where's the difference in these two (other than a
> surplus </object>)?

Sorry. Thanks! Yes indeed. I meant:

It seems contrived if AT would treat
  <object aria-describedby=x >
     <div id=x hidden><p>Foo</div>
different from how
  <object aria-describedby=x >
     <div id=x><p>Foo</div>
is treated.

> So, there are several ways to hide things -

Especially when we include 'hide for special media'.

> can we get clarification
> on what they currently imply for screenreaders?
> (1) @hidden (a boolean attribute)
> (2) style="visibitliy:hidden"
> (3) style="display:none"
> (4) @aria-hidden (not a boolean attribute)
> For example: does a combination of (1) or (3) with
> @aria-hidden="false" make any difference to just (3)? Should it?

Good question. And one that I had myself. Within me I concluded that if 
you do

<img aria-describedby=desc>
<div id=desc hidden style='display:none'>

then there would be no description - provided that full semantics means 
that CSS is respected too.
Leif H Sill

Received on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 11:07:19 UTC