Reminder of the Deadline for reopen requests based on New Information

1) We remind the Working Group that the requirements for a reopen
    request[1] to be considered by the Chairs can be found here:

2) We remind the Working Group that date we expect to have all of the
    information we need to evaluate these requests is February 11th:

3) At the present time, we believe we have received only two reopen
    requests that are due a response on the merits:

a) Leif's reopen request and Change Proposal for the <meta generator>
    aspect of ISSUE-31:

b) Janina's post asking to reopen ISSUE-80:
    and Steve's accompanying Change Proposal:

We will be evaluating and responding to both, but in the meanwhile we 
encourage the owners of the remaining efforts to complete those efforts 
by this Saturday.

- Sam Ruby


Received on Wednesday, 8 February 2012 21:53:12 UTC