Re: Split Issue 30?

On 2/7/2012 12:18 PM, Laura Carlson wrote:
> Hi Sam,
>> >  If this is something that the WG can agree to
> I have no objection to a new HTML issue being split off if it is to
> improve ARIA and does not include obsoleting or "deprecating" longdesc
> from the language.
> If it does encompass obsoleting or "deprecating" longdesc, then I
> would disagree as it would be double jeopardy.

I agree completely with Laura.

The subtleties of aria-describedby ought to be examined separately. Like 
many on the list, I've also brought up aria-describedby as an 
alternative to longdesc.

The mechanism is not sufficient to obsolete img longdesc. It is a fine 
mechanism for canvas. But that's a very different technology. It's scripted.

That leads to this slippery slope, where we try to figure out how we can 
improve ARIA to deprecate longdesc. That just doesn't seem to be moving 
us forward.
I have no idea why there is so much push-back against longdesc. But I'd 
like to see these issues separated.

On one issue, we have the status of longdesc. On another very separate 
issue, we examine ARIA in relation to display: none, events and 


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