Re: Hidden file inputs [Was: Revert Request]

On Jan 31, 2012, at 4:24 PM, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis <> wrote:

>> I don't believe "file" as a reference to the file system will become an ARIA
>> role.
>> I don't believe "folder" will either.
> So you're prejudging what the "file" token should mean.
> That's your prerogative, but what's the advantage of doing this?

I like hearing an AT say "file button" when I focus on the element.

I also like using roles as part of my scripting workflow. I'd use -x-my-file otherwise.

> Are you seeking standardisation of role="file"?

No, not at present. I'm waiting to see how other mount and file picker semantics turn out. This question does get me thinking about how we'll be mapping buttons to web intents. While intent registration is declared in markup, actual firing of Intents is scripted.


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