Re: Adaptive Image Element Proposal

2012/8/30 Leif Halvard Silli <>:
> I don't understand what you say here.

What I am trying to say is basically that ARIA attributes on the img
element cannot replace the alt attribute because the alt attribute has
been around so much longer. If we take your example:

> <picture alt="Alernative text" id="pict" >
> <img src=file aria-labelledby="pict" />
> </picture>

What a browser / AT that lacks support for ARIA and the picture
element would "see" (i.e., what parts of this markup is supported) is
most likely this:

<img src=file />

Which means that it has an image with no alt text.

I have previously expressed concern that people would abuse this
element to show images that donít share the same content [1]. Having
an alt attribute on the picture element makes it fairly clear that
they should share the same alternate text and therefor also content.
On the other hand, repeating the alt text for both the img and the
picture elements is problematic (for example, what if the alt text
isnít the same on both attributes?) just like you pointed out.

>  <picture aria-labelledby="pict" >
>   <img src=file id="pict" alt="Alernative text" />
>  </picture>

Placing aria-labelledby on the picture element instead of the img
element seems like a possible solution. Just not made up my mind if
this still sends that "signal" that all images inside the picture
element should share the same content or not.


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