[Bug 17765] APIs need to take a reference to blob data underlying object URLs


Arun <arun@mozilla.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |mike@w3.org,
                   |                            |public-html-wg-issue-tracki
                   |                            |ng@w3.org,
                   |                            |public-html@w3.org
          Component|File API                    |HTML5 spec
         AssignedTo|arun@mozilla.com            |erika.doyle@microsoft.com
            Product|WebAppsWG                   |HTML WG
          QAContact|public-webapps-bugzilla@w3. |public-html-bugzilla@w3.org
                   |org                         |

--- Comment #13 from Arun <arun@mozilla.com> 2012-08-24 18:56:22 UTC ---
Let's start with this being reassigned to HTML.  It would seem that a clone of
this bug should be assigned to XHR too, but I leave that to the editor to
decide.  In the meantime, I am reassigning this bug.

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