Updated editors drafts from the new editor teams

These can be found at:


They are being built using new processes, so there undoubtedly will be 
glitches.  Examples: a warning on the 2dcontext editors draft to read 
the 2dcontext editors draft instead, and no updates to the web developer 
edition for the HTML5 spec.  These problems will be worked.

Once the backlog of decisions have been applied, we intend to resume 
publication of heartbeats.  This should be in the first half of September.

   - - -

For those interested in the behind the scene details, the source is on 


The master branch is what is used to publish the editor's draft.  This 
is currently done every hour using the W3C CVS as an intermediary.

Over time, W3C staff will work to eliminate the CVS intermediary and to 
host a clone of the repository on W3C servers.

A branch is being maintained which contains content from the WHATWG spec:


This branch is updated hourly from the WHATWG SVN.

Content from this branch will be cherry picked when appropriate.  Example:


Github features like pull requests and discussions related to commits 
are available, example:


Note: a policy for pull requests have not been worked out.  It is highly 
unlikely that we will ever accept pull requests from non working group 
members.  Additionally, we will likely need to establish that anything 
contributed is the work of the person who made the request.  So for now, 
the recommendation is to hold back and work through the editors that we 
in place.

- Sam Ruby

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