HTML5 bug triage categories, actions and priorities

Hi all,

Before we start processing the backlog of HTML5 bugs, the editors would like to propose the following bug categories, actions and priorities:

1. spam
 -> resolve as invalid (no priority)

2. comments on LC1 bugs
-> mark as LC2 bugs and P2 or P3

3. minor editorial bugs
-> mark as editorial bugs and P4

4. technical problems
-> discuss and mark with P2 or P3 unless there was a PriorityRequest
by submitter, then P1

5. new features
-> mark as bugs (no priority)

6. other (duplicates, bugs specific to whatwg formatting, canvas and polyglot spec bugs)
-> resolve as duplicate / invalid / moved as appropriate (no priority)

If there are no objections, we will move forward with the bug triage.

Erika Doyle Navara

Received on Wednesday, 15 August 2012 10:02:32 UTC