Re: Audience Based Validator User Interface (ISSUE-206)

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That is closest thing that I can think of that has a chance to work
for everyone, Mike. Henri's scenario does not address the scenario I

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> Laura Carlson <>, 2012-08-04 14:55 -0500:
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>> So let's brainstorm here. From the start can we address both groups
>> and their tasks as equally as possible while fulfilling end-user
>> requirements? How about the possibility of the vaildator having two
>> separate yet side-by-side options based on the audience?  A simple
>> user interface mockup is at:
>> The idea would be to have an audience section at the beginning of the
>> page. If the "Generator Developers" radio button is selected the new
>> attribute would kick in and allow the page to pass validation. And if
>> the "Authors" radio button is selected it wouldn't. Check out the
>> mockup and and let me know what you think.
> This is an interesting idea but I think it does not address the scenario
> Henri has outlined. That scenario does not involve the generator developers
> using the validator directly themselves. Instead the users of their tools
> check the generated content using the validator, and find that it's not
> valid because of missing alt attributes. And then the possibly complain
> about that somewhere as a deficiency in that generator, or do something
> else that causes the generator behavior to work around the problem by
> having their generator just output alt="" or alt="image" or something for
> images that should have meaningful alt text.
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