Re: Audience Based Validator User Interface (ISSUE-206)

Hi Henri,

Henri Sivonen wrote
> when invoked the way the markup generator developers expect the
> people who evaluate quality the generators to invoke the validator*
> (i.e. with defalut settings).

Then this is an education problem not a spec problem. The validator
could help in this effort if we let it. Hiding results fosters

> This scenario has been stated again and again ever since 2007. It's
> pretty frustrating that the scenario is still being misunderstood.

I am sorry that you are frustrated Henri.

> This won't work,

How do we know it won't work unless we try it?

> because people who evaluate the quality of markup
> generators can[not] be trusted to do so only in the "Generator
> Developers"  mode. It doesn't matter if running a validator with the
> default setting on the output of a generator is the wrong way to
> evaluate the quality of the generator.

What do you base this on? Do you have evidence that your customers are

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Laura L. Carlson

Received on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 15:53:15 UTC