Editorial team for Canvas 2D Context

The HTML WG Chairs have decided to appoint the following editorial team for the W3C Canvas 2D context specification:

Canvas 2D Context editorial team (alphabetical order):
- Rik Cabanier
- Eliot Graff
- Jay Munro
- Tom Wiltzius

The Chairs received a large number of applications for the position of editor for the Canvas 2D Context specification.  After evaluating all the applications, we chose the above editorial team based on the individual qualifications of the new editors as well as the combination of the individual appointee's qualifications.  We are excited about this new editorial team and look forward to working with the new editors.

The Chairs will be convening a meeting next week with the newly appointed HTML5 and the Canvas 2D Context editorial teams to assist them getting started on their new responsibilities.

Note that the Chairs and W3C Team are also expecting to appoint a Technical Editor who will work on the HTML5 and Canvas 2D Context editorial teams as a result of the recent W3C job posting.

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Received on Thursday, 2 August 2012 17:29:24 UTC