Re: CfC: Close ISSUE-206: meta-generator by Amicable Resolution

Michael(tm) Smith ( writes:
> Here's a proposal for a compromise that might allow the two CPs to be merged:
>   A. Add a "Show error messages for img elements with "incomplete" attributes.
>   B. Make that option off (unchecked) by default.
>   C. Make the default validator behavior be that if a document contains any
>      instances of img elements that have the relaxed/incomplete attribute
>      (or whatever the name ends up as), emit a single warning per document:
>        Warning: This document contains at least one "incomplete" attribute,
>        which indicates it may have images that lack text alternatives. To
>        see error messages showing the locations of those images, use the
>        "Show error messages for img elements with "incomplete" option.
I think I would be OK with this.

For me the problem to date was the possibility that the missing alt
would not be reported at all. I don't believe there's any particular
importance, however, to reporting each and every instance over and over
except where the user is actually taking on the task of repair. So, an
"on by default warning" satisfies my concern.

PS: A possible refinement might be to put an actual count into the
warning. That might serve as a quick sense of the extent of the problem,
and do so more succinctly than the iterated list itself.


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