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Steve Faulkner <>, 2012-08-02 11:01 +0100:

> hi mike,
> I would note that it will be difficult, to gauge:
> > - Are validator users more happy, or less happy?
> As there is no data from validator users on how the current situation
> effects them.

True, but we could get creative there. For example, we could include some kind
of feedback and have a link to that survey in the validation results page.

We have a huge number for users using the W3C Nu (HTML5) Validator every
day, so I'm sure we could get some non-insubstantial "satisfaction" data
that way. Numbers from data collected so far using the new stats feature:

  - ~2.0 pages validated per second
  - ~820,000 pages validated per day

So estimating pretty conservatively if, if we were to create a satisfaction
feedback survey for the validator, I think we could expect to get at least
on the order 10 useful responses a day at a minimum -- or on the order of
at least a few thousand over the course of a year.


Michael[tm] Smith

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