Re: CfC: Close ISSUE-206: meta-generator by Amicable Resolution

On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 1:03 AM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> Ted (Mike, Henri, others):
> Is there any possibility of merging this proposal with the "Mint a new
> attribute for relaxing alt attribute conformance criteria in certain
> situations" proposal:
> Yes, there are clear differences (they even are enumerated in Laura's
> updated proposal), but it appears to me that these two proposals are
> relatively close in spirit.  The essential difference (other than spelling)
> appears to be the default?

The default validator behavior is the whole point of Ted's proposal,
so merging "If a conformance checker encounters an <img> element with
an incomplete attribute specified, it should by default report it.
However, it may supply an option to suppress such an error." from
Laura's proposal would defeat the whole point of Ted's proposal. As
for the name of the attribute, any of "incomplete", "relaxed" or
"noalt" would work for me. (Other names might be sensible, too.)

I don't really see the point of Laura's proposal. If the default was
to report the presence of the "incomplete" attribute, the validator
might as well reports the absence of the alt attribute instead. As far
as I can tell, with the default behavior Laura is proposing, then the
attribute would be redundant.

Henri Sivonen

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