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On 2011-10-25 22:47, Paul Cotton wrote:
> 'remove remains of "sidebar" link relation'
> Per the decision policy, at this time the chairs would like to solicit volunteers to write Change Proposals for ISSUE-181:
> If no Change Proposals are written by November 25th, 2011 this issue will be closed without prejudice.
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Here's my change proposal:

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With the decision for Issue 153 [1] we have removed the "sidebar" link 
relation from HTML5, as it wasn't implemented in UAs as specified, and 
we also have a registry for new link relations.

Unfortunately, the Change Proposal missed a piece of spec text that 
still refers to the "sidebar" link relation, and this Change Proposal is 
about removing this text as well.

See [2] for the original bug.


Most of the rational for Issue 153 applies to this one as well; the 
definition of the "sidebar" link relation did not reflect what 
implementations do, and thus was removed from the base spec, given the 
fact that we have a registry for extensions.

The left-over text is in "4.12.3 Following hyperlinks" [3]:

"Otherwise, if the hyperlink is a sidebar hyperlink and the user agent 
implements a feature that can be considered a secondary browsing 
context, such a secondary browsing context may be selected as the 
browsing context to be navigated."

Here, the term "sidebar hyperlink" is not specified anymore in the spec 
at all, and thus this paragraph should be removed.


1. Positive Effects

This is mostly an editorial fix; it removes text that the Change 
Proposal for issue 153 should have mentioned to be removed. It removes 
an incomplete definition.

2. Negative Effects

A stand-alone definition in a link type registry may have to specify the 
change to the "following hyperlinks" algorithm.

3. Conformance Classes Changes


4. Risks



[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>

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