Re: minutes for HTML WG f2f, 2011-11-04, part 1

>From the minutes:

>PC: there is further dialog
>  ... there is a call for change proposals closing today, Nov 4.

I just saw this and likely need another day or two. I've been drafting
a change proposal this past week to add back the enhanced time (as
shown this past Thursday at 11:30) and have continued to update it
with details (the core functionality is unchanged from what was
proposed, since the specific feature set had consensus without
objections from those that advocated keeping <time>)

Here is the URL to the living change proposal to re-add an enhanced
time element:

I'd like to also see the <data> element introduced - there are
numerous additional uses in microformats for a generic <data> element
and we can use it over time to gather data on what other (if any)
specific elements we could use in the future (rather than
hypothesizing too many up front). There was also rough consensus in
the HTML WG f2f *for* adding a data element.

Here is the URL to the living change proposal to add a data element:

I'll probably need another day or so to have reasonable draft change
proposals though each has a reasonable outline at this point.

Comments and suggestions for improvements welcome for both change proposals.



2011-11-04 Michael[tm] Smith <>:
> HTML WG f2f,  04 Nov 2011 -- part 1
>     * Topics
>         1. Issue 133 Dialog
>         2. Issue 30 Longdesc
>         3. issue-164 hgroup
>         4. short update on the status of the time element
>         5. issue-179
>         6. URI/IRI
>     * Summary of Action Items


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