Re: example spec text for longdesc

Hi Leif,

>> Based on Lachlan's and Henri's feedback I deleted the sentence,
>> "Conformance checkers should issue errors if the longdesc URL has
>> certain file suffixes, such as .gif, .jpeg, .png etc.)",
> +1 This wasn't as simple as I must admit that I thought it to be.
>> I could put something like it back if people think it would be
>> useful to have it as a warning. Do you think that the example
>> spec text is better with or without it?
> Instead of suffixes, we could require the @longesc URL to point to a
> #fragment ID.

Thanks for your all of your input on this Leif.

Henri, Lachlan, and Aryeh, if longdesc is reinstated into HTML do you
think this would be a good idea?


Best Regards,

Laura L. Carlson

Received on Saturday, 26 March 2011 12:05:56 UTC